String functions

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  1. String functions

    These functions all manipulate strings in various ways. Some more specialized sections can be found in the regular expression and URL handling sections.

    Table of Contents

    AddCSlashes — Quote string with slashes in a C style.

    AddSlashes — Quote string with slashes

    bin2hex — Convert binary data into hexadecimal representation

    Chop — Remove trailing whitespace.

    Chr — Return a specific character.

    chunk_split — Split a string into smaller chunks.

    convert_cyr_string — Convert from one Cyrillic character set to another.

    count_chars — Return information abouts characters used in a string.

    crypt — DES-encrypt a string.

    echo — Output one or more strings.

    explode — Split a string by string

    flush — Flush the output buffer.

    get_html_translation_table — Returns the translation table used by htmlspecialchars() and htmlentities().

    get_meta_tags — Extracts all meta tag content attributes from a file and returns an array.

    htmlentities — Convert all applicable characters to HTML entities.

    htmlspecialchars — Convert special characters to HTML entities.

    implode — Join array elements with a string

    join — Join array elements with a string.

    levenshtein — Calculate Levenshtein distance between two strings

    ltrim — Strip whitespace from the beginning of a string.

    md5 — Calculate the md5 hash of a string.

    Metaphone — Calculate the metaphone key of a string.

    nl2br — Converts newlines to HTML line breaks.

    Ord — Return ASCII value of character.

    parse_str — Parses the string into variables.

    print — Output a string

    printf — Output a formatted string.

    quoted_printable_decode — Convert a quoted-printable string to an 8 bit string.

    QuoteMeta — quote meta characters

    rawurldecode — Decode URL-encoded strings

    rawurlencode — URL-encode according to RFC1738.

    setlocale — Set locale information.

    similar_text — Calculate the similarity between two strings.

    soundex — Calculate the soundex key of a string

    sprintf — Return a formatted string

    strcasecmp — Binary safe case-insensitive string comparison.

    strchr — Find the first occurrence of a character.

    strcmp — Binary safe string comparison

    strcspn — Find length of initial segment not matching mask.

    strip_tags — Strip HTML and PHP tags from a string

    StripCSlashes — un-quote string quoted with addcslashes

    StripSlashes — Un-quote string quoted with addslashes

    stristr — Case-insensitive strstr().

    strlen — Get string length.

    strpos — Find position of first occurrence of a string.

    strrchr — Find the last occurrence of a character in a string.

    str_repeat — Repeat a string.

    strrev — Reverse a string.

    strrpos — Find position of last occurrence of a char in a string.

    strspn — Find length of initial segment matching mask.

    strstr — Find first occurrence of a string.

    strtok — Tokenize string

    strtolower — Make a string lowercase.

    strtoupper — Make a string uppercase.

    str_replace — Replace all occurrences of needle in haystack with str.

    strtr — Translate certain characters.

    substr — Return part of a string

    substr_replace — Replace text within a portion of a string.

    trim — Strip whitespace from the beginning and end of a string.

    ucfirst — Make a string's first character uppercase.

    ucwords — Uppercase the first character of each word in a string
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