Jaheim - Have You Ever

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  1. Have you ever?

    Have you ever
    Think about it

    Have you ever

    Thought of what you did
    when you were a kid
    as you reminisce

    Have you ever
    Thought about your life
    Thought you paid a price
    Cuz It wasn't right
    Have you ever

    Ever tell the truth but lied
    held back when you shoulda cried
    didn't say it when you shoulda said goodbye
    meant something but didn't say
    said something but didn't mean
    seems like we all been through it

    Ever let the people get away
    Ever look back
    and wish you could get back
    how it was back in the day
    Ever had a girl
    you wouldn't budge
    Instead of telling them how much
    you'd be true with loving
    14 Mayıs 2011
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Jaheim - Have You Ever