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    We can study computer in two parts
    1 - HARDWARE
    Hardware means the physical and electronic parts of a computer.Such as monitors and tower cases, now we are going to study computer devices...

    A mainboard is the most important part of a computer as you can understand from it’s name “mainboard”. Other parts should be replaced on the mainboard.

    2-HardDisk Drive (H.D.D.)
    HardDisk stores datas.If you install a program,game or something like that, it will be saved on your hdd.And if your hdd is big enough you can store much more datas,install more games and programs.Of course bigger h.d.d.'s are more expensive than small ones.Byte is the measurement of a harddisk and one byte is equal to one data unite which holds characters that must be either 1 or 0. But today we use very large harddisks which take thousands of bytes so we say kilobyte(kb) for 1024 bytes,megabyte(mb) for 1024 kilobytes,Gigabyte(gb) for 1024 megabytes.Today harddisks are about 10 to 75 gb.


    Cpu is the brain of a computer and it can make a computer fast if it is a fast one.Computer makes all of it’s calculations by cpu.Computer runs programs from h.d.d. with cpu.Cpu is one of the most important parts of a computer.Megahertz is the measurement of a cpu.Today cpu producers are making cpu's around 700mhz to 1700mhz(megaHertz).And 1000 mhz equal 1Ghz.(GigaHertz)

    4-Graphic Card

    A graphic card sends video datas from computer to monitor and you can see pictures and texts on your computer’s monitor.

    Monitor takes video datas from your computer by your graphic card and shows you everything.If you run a program your first cpu will call it from h.d.d. then h.d.d. will run it with cpu and send video datas to your video card afterwards your video card sends video datas to your monitor then you see program on the monitor.And all of these things take only a few seconds.

    If you have to remember an important thing such as a date you should try to keep it in your memory by saying it over and over again in your mind. And your computer does the same. When it needs to keep something in its memory it uses the rams. Computer uses Harddisk if it needs to save, store something but computer uses rams when it have to remember and keep something in its memory for a short time. This is the difference between Harddisks and Rams. Today rams are about 32 to 256mb.
    7-Floppy Disk
    If you have to take datas from a computer and save it into another computer you can use floppy disck. A floppy disk can store 1.44 Megabytes of datas


    As the computer techlonogy was developing, at the same time programs, pictures, games was getting very good quality and taking more space too. Then pictures, games, programs and other things was getting bigger than a floppy disk can store. Now a program takes between 50-400 megabytes but a floppy disk can store only 1.44 megabytes.Therefore computer part producers invented a new technology which called Compact Disc (Cd) (About 1980’s) A Cd can store 650 megabytes of datas and it can be used by music sets.Compact Discs are still being used by computer users and today we listen to compact disc digital audio with a great quality.But about 2-3 years ago computer producers invented a new techlonogy and they called it dvd.Dvd has got a perfect quality which is better than Cd.Today film fans are watching their favourite films with great quality which is better than cinemas at their homes.
    9-Cd ReWriter/recorder

    When the floppies get insufficent, compact discs started to being popular. And computer users wanted to make their own compact discs which are contain their family photos,their pictures,games and whatever they want.Then Cd-writers started to be a normal part of a computer.In the old times only professional users used to have a cd-writer but today amateurs have a cd-writer too.But it was not the same with floppies and harddisks because you could not erase and ReWrite a recordable cd.You can write only once and then rewritable compact discs invented.You can write and erase a ReWritable cd for 1000 times.And it stores 650 mb of data which is very handy

    10- Sound Card/Speaker
    If you want to hear sound , listen to the music from your computer you have to buy that device. But today sound cards and speakers come with the computer.
    11 - Case

    Case is the part that covers other parts.

    12 - Printer/Scanner

    If you want to import a photo, picture, text to your computer. You should put it into scanner and press scan button than see it on the screen. And if you want to export a picture, photo, text from your computer on to paper you should use the printer.

    2 - SOFTWARE
    Software means instructions which controls what a computer does.Such as Microsoft Windows or Linux.
    And there are other softwares which make our computer easy to use. Softwares can convert our computer to a fun machine.For example : You can listen unlimited free music using a program named winamp.Winamp is a music player which is very popular.It is a popular program because you can download and listen your favourite music for free.
    There are much more programs which are popular.Internet explorer helps you to View web pages (surf on the net).And a program called icq (I Seek You) is the one of populer programs on the web.That program has got 11 million users.You can ask what that program does? By using that program you can see that your friends (you have got a friends list and you add your friends to that list) either online or offline and if they are online you can make chat, send voice messages, cards and play games.Every internet user uses that program .
    Another program callad CuSee Me (Can You See Me) is a popular program, too. With that program you can make chat with your friends , but it is a bit different than other chat programs because you can see your friends on your screen like watching t.v. it is like science fiction films ,isn’t it ? But you and your friends must have a web camera in order to make a webcam chat.
    If you ask about windows,it is an operating system.All of that programs are not important but we can say good accesseries for them.But windows is not like them.Without windows or another operating system (linux,dos...) you can not use your computer.Because of that, an operating system is essential for a computer.
    Computer users explain hardware and software by saying that :
    “Hardware made for sake of software and software made for sake of hardware”
    1 Mart 2008
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