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    It was a dark and quite right near the part , where allof the pirate ships . There were no light on the street , only there wre sounds of singing and loughing in a bar . The bar ‘ s name was Blue Dolfin . A man wearing a black pirate in he opened bar ‘ s door. He had a black patch over one eye and a scor on one side his face . That was captain pike. He was the greafest pirate in all the world . He head stoken froom Queen of England ,
    the king of France and the king of Spain.

    Captain Pike neededthe best sarlors. Because he was sariling to the Bermude Triangle to Black Beard’s treasure. But no body has ever found Black Beard’s treasure no body had come back. It would be difficult to find men to go with him , so he talked about the treasure to excite them . Then the men signed their names. Captain Pike said we sail tomorrow.

    Blackbeard’s Treasure

    The sun was shining brightly on the blue water of the Atlantic Ocean. Abeatifull big ship , white sails ship’s name was Queen Anne.It was going to the Bermude Triangle to trade gold . The captain of the ship was inhis cabin he was writting in his log – book . One of the crew men captain a stronge ship is sarling towords us . It has no flog said . The stronge ship was half a mile from the queen Anne.It looked old and abandoned.The stronge ship moved slavily through the water. Captain and his men climb on boord. There was no body on the beard deck but the ship somehow continued sailing. Captain and his men looked around the ship. One of the man saw a cheste . There were beatiful dashining dimonds ıpearls and golds. In the ship there was a ghost . It is Captain Black. Nobody coaldint see hitm. The men took the treasure and he followed the men to tje Queen Anne.
    The Queen Anne
    The men carried Blackbeard ‘ s treasure to the Blackbeard’s waethed his treasure.Two men carried the chest below with Blackbeard. One of the man left where the treasure butthe other didn’t leave. He took some treasure in the chest and put them in his treasure packeat.His name was Sanith.
    Black Beard’s True Love

    Captain Pike and his first Mate Santiago talk about the Blackbear’s treasure. Then he saw Blackbeard’s empty ship.He and his men went aboard ship but they couldint find any treasure. Captain Pike and Santiago went below to Blackbeard’s cabin. They saw a women Picture.She was a beatiful dark woman dark eyes .Her blackhair was tied at the back her head and she had a gold necklace with a round . Green stone a round her neck . She was Queen of those island. Ever one said Blackbeard in love with her andthey said she was the reason for his death.
    They couldin’t any thing. Captain Pike “ Some one has been here before us “

    The Wrong Chest
    The Queen Anne sailed for a few days. It couldn’t find the Bermuda triangle. The men were getting angry. So captain scott needed to speak them . Blackbeard’s ghost was walking behind the men as the captain talked. Smith was standing in front ofthe captain Scott. He stil had the Jewels in his packet . Blackbeard’s know this . He put his hand in smith’s pocket and new the jewels on the deek in front of smith. Other men saw dimonds and the gold necklace. Smith pointed at a man . He was the man who had helped him carry the chest aboard. Then they began to fight and the other men joined in . The man in the crows nest shout ship!. They saw the black flap abore the sails of a ship cominy towords them. They didn’t know it was Captain Pike .

    The Pirates used ropes to jump to on to the Queen Anne.Allthemenwere fighting with swords. Captain Pike a jumped on board the Queen Anne . He went below whith his two men where Captain Blackbeard’s treasure was. He opened boath chest . They picked up the wrong chest. Captain Pike and his men took Queen ‘ s gold but left Blackbeard’s treasure.
    The A Island
    The Queen Anne was badly damaged and Money it is men were hunt. The Queen moved slowly to an island about two miles away

    The ship anchored and lovered the boats.They went to the island to see if they could get sumething to fix sails. They took the treasure with them.
    -- They island had a long beach of white sand with tall gren coconut trees on it . They saw a native boy jump from a tree and run away . They followed him . They come to the top of a hill looking down onto a village .
    A tall , dark and very beautiful woman in a white head dress was standing in front of the natives . Her name is Alliana , and she was the Queen of Rum İsland. They pened chest then all of the natives went inside their houses. Because It was cursed.

    Queen Hamzani ‘s Story
    Queen Alliana went her home . The Queen was sitting in a large chair . Captain wanted to speak about treasure. She stood up nd walked to one of the walls of the room . She took a picture from it. It was a picture of the same women in blackbeard’s cabin. She looked like Queen Alliana a but ıt was not Alliana . It was Queen Alliana’s great grandmother , Queen Hanzani. She was once the Queen of this island and all of the islands in the Bermuda Triangle .
    When her great grandmother was sixteen she and a boy her age promised to love each other forever . So they married and some time later that boy left theisland. He said he was going to sail a round the world. While he was gone pirates attackked the island they killed Queen Haznanis parents and stole eveything they had .

    Each morning , she would walk along the beach to see if his ship coming.
    When he fiwally retunned. He as a pirate with a chest full of stolen treasure.He wanted to give it to Queen Hanzani At fist she didn’t want then she did that for him.
    One day Queen left him and in anger he sailed from the island. There was terrible storm. The pirate ship was destroyed and a ghost ship traveled with Blackbeard’s ghost on it . Her great grandmother dred her sleep that same night.
    The Circle Of Fire
    Blackbeards onderstood a that treasure was not him . The pirates saw the Queen Anne again. .They wanted to take other chests. The pirates saw the attacked to the Queen Anne again. Captain Pike kicked open the door to the treasurebut he saw it was gone. He ran back up stairs and threatened one of the sailors with a kniffe.Where was the treasure.Captain scott has it. The pirates left the ship and rowed towords İsland. They saw Blackbeard’s treasure chest in the milde of a large circleof sugar plant leaves. Captain Pike saw the chest. They wanted to take it . Queen Alliana was standing outside the circle holding a torch Queen Alliana set them on fire with her torch. The pirates and the treasure were in the milde of a circle of fire unable to move but pirates wanted to take the treasure su they started to fight.
    Captain Pike’s and Captain scott’s were locked to get her than Captain Pike reached for aknife in his belt . Aknif was in the air. But Blackbeard’s ghost held it .
    Black Beard’s Peace
    Blackbeard dropped the knife to the ground . The knife moved by it self . No one could see the ghost except for Queen Alliana. She had her great grandmother’s eyes. She walked towords him. She said whenhe return to that island he bought unhappiness to a woman’s heart. Had you thought of that in all those years ? It there was never any treasure he with Queen Hanzani . Now he stil have the treasure and he stil unhappy.
    Captain Scott and his man left the island with Captain Pike and his treasure.Captain Scott saw the Blackbeard’s empty ship.They were going back on board. They left the chest where they found it. They left the empty ship . Than Blackeard threw chest into the sea ending the curse he had to live with. The sailors Queen Anne saw in the see below Blackbeard’s ship began to breakopart and sank into the sea.The sailors saw the ghost of apirate in a long blue coat. He flew up into the cloud of the sky.

    “ It seems that he has finally found his peace.

    30 Kasım 2007
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